How do I cure “cell-itis”?

Dear Nana: How do you engage a 7-year-old in activities when she just wants to play on her phone with her friends? – Frustrated in Franklin

Dear Frustrated in Franklin: I know how you feel! I’ve had that struggle with my niece. It began during the COVID pandemic so I let it go at first, figuring she needed some contact with friends, but it has continued. Because she doesn’t live with me, I can get away with setting rules. I’ve told her she is allowed to use her phone only for short periods of time (which I set). I also make sure that I plan activities that engage her, whether it be board games or a movie or a hike or other activity so she isn’t bored. You could also offer incentives (stickers?) or have her earn minutes for helping around the house or reading books. For us, it’s actually gotten easier now that she is a little older. I wish you luck! The struggle is real!

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