Lesher’s annual sunflower field is near full bloom

CHAMBERSBURG, PA – If you live in Central Pennsylvania and love sunflowers, you need to check out the field at Lesher’s Poultry Farm.

According to Lesher’s Sunflower Watch social media page, their sunflower field should be in full bloom within the next week.

The field is located at 1461 Swamp Fox Road, Chambersburg,

U-Pick sunflowers are $1 per head and payment (cash only) may be made in one of the money boxes.

Hours are dawn to dusk.

The family allows hold photo shoots at the field and asks that photographers refrain from having semi-permanent setups and asks that those who are charging clients for services to leave $5 per client in one of the money boxes.

Pets are welcome in the area, but please keep them on a leash and clean up after them.

Parking is available in designated parking areas. Visitors are asked to not park along the edge of the road.

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