Please be careful with button cell batteries

Have you noticed almost every toddler toy talks or sings? I don’t know why a kiddie blender or purse needs to teach the ABCs, but apparently, that’s the thing.

That means almost every toy requires batteries–and some of those batteries are those cute, tiny “button” batteries.

But did you know button cell or coin batteries are associated with thousands of emergency-department visits each year, according to the Consumer Products Safety Commission?

When a child swallows a battery, the results can be tragic–in a short period of time. A button cell or coin battery, if swallowed, can cause burns and devastating injuries in as little as two hours. Read that again–TWO HOURS!

Besides toys, button cell or coin cell batteries are found in products such as:

• Keyless entry remotes

• Wireless game controllers

• Remote controls (e.g. TVs, fans, cameras)

• Digital scales

• Digital thermometers

• Watches

• Musical greeting cards

• Calculators

• Flashing jewelry and shoes

• Tea lights & flashlights

• Smart home devices

So how do you protect your grandchildren?

  1. Look for screw closures and make sure they are closed.
  2. Keep remotes, electronics and other items that don’t have a secure battery compartment away from children.
  3. If the battery compartment is damaged, repair or replace the product.
  4. Toys with button cell/coin batteries are required to have a secure closure requiring a screwdriver, coin or tool to open. Check the toys to make sure the screws haven’t come loose or broken.
  5. Do NOT allow children to play with or be in contact with button cell/coin batteries. As soon as a battery is removed from a product, place tape around the battery and discard at a battery collection center.

If a button cell or coin battery is ingested, immediately seek medical attention. In Case of Emergency:

Call the National Poison Help Line at 800-222-1222, available anytime.

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