Make a simple Spring/Easter craft using handprints

Looking for something super simple for the kiddos to do? Try this:

What you need:

Cardstock or construction paper

Tiny colored pom-poms

Small white pom-poms OR cottonballs

Googly eyes (or you could color them on instead)


What you do:

Using the paper in colors of your choice (I chose black, yellow and white because they made sense to me, but you could use any color), place the child’s hand on the paper and trace around the fingers/palm.

Cut along the lines you traced. Make sure to leave extra space for the palm and head of the lamb if you choose to do that animal. Cut out the nose/eyes from paper if you aren’t using pom-poms and googly eyes.

Drop glue onto the paper hand where you’ll place eyes/nose, etc. If the child is old enough to handle the pom-poms and eyes, encourage them to stick them to the glue. Otherwise, do this yourself (and avoid a big glue mess!).

Happy Spring!

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