“I wonder … What if? … Let’s try!”

The adorable grand I’ll call “Curly Locks” and I have a morning routine that includes watching one episode of Sesame Street.

Her parents stream TV and I really don’t get how it all works, but I can tell you we have two options: we can wait until the show comes on live via our local PBS station or we can watch it on the PBS app–which is great, except we only have about a dozen episodes to choose from and they only update those options infrequently. That means we usually watch each episode about 10 times!

We start by watching each episode and then we re-watch based on the ones I like (or can at least tolerate more than once).

If you’ve got young grandkids and you’ve ever tuned in to Sesame Street, you’ve probably heard the phrase, “I wonder … what if? … let’s try!” (And if your grand is like mine, they know the motions, too!)

In some of these episodes, there is a pretty young lady who sings the song (OK, so I don’t think she’s really singing, I suspect she is lip-synching, but don’t hold that against her). By the third time I saw her, I decided to google her. Turns out she’s Hailee Steinfeld–and apparently she’s not just famous for her SS tune.

Turns out Steinfeld, now 26, has been acting professionally since she was about 14, when she made her film debut in “True Grit.”

If the name “Steinfeld” sounds familiar to you–that’s with a “t”, not Seinfeld like the comedian–it may be because her uncle is Jake Steinfeld, the popular 1990s fitness guru known for his Body By Jake program.

Fun fact: I interviewed Jake early in my career when I was an entertainment reporter covering television. Nice guy! I watched a taping of his Family Channel sitcom, Big Brother Jake. But I digress.

Anyhow, Miss Hailee appears to be climbing the ladder of success as her skirt hem rises and her cleavage lowers from her early days on Sesame Street to a feature in People Magazine. Read her story. She seems like a well-grounded young woman who sounds like she’d be a pretty good role model for young girls.

And you know what? Reading her story gave me more respect for her. Tomorrow, Curly Locks and I will probably re-watch one of the episodes where she sings. And for the next three days, I will wonder … what if .. I can’t get that song out of my head?!

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